Blog 30: Saturn vs Sal

So this is Saturn, the planet. But in the novel, Sal describes pieces of him falling apart which symbolizes the reign of Saturn to be falling apart. This planet shines bright which also alludes to the way Saturn’s reign shines over everyone under his control. Saturn is very powerful and has great control over. Everyone wants to shoot him down but he keeps coming back and pressing his control.

The Saturn we see here, and the Saturn in the novel have some similar characteristics, Saturn knew what everyone was doing, and knew the actions and positions. His placement in the novel helped the flow of everyone’s eagerness in his destruction.

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  1.   salvarez on November 18th, 2011

    Vasanti, that last blog post here is pretty short, but I gave you the point anyway. Please make sure to give a better caption than that and also to focus on something that has at least some relevance to either narratology or literature. This is a picture of a planet.

    Note how your classmate Robert found images from locations in Atomik Aztex, including the Farmer John Meat Packing Plant.

    10 out of 10 points this round. Thanks for adding images though, that’s great. The sacrifice scenes illustrate pretty well the brutality depicted in the novel.

    For your final response, don’t forget to revise out as much “to be” as possible and to focus on an article and not a review.

  2.   vnaraine on November 18th, 2011

    So I added some relevance towards the novel of how the planet Saturn relates to the character Saturn. Hope this is a better addition to what I previously had.

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