Blog 33: The Lamentable Journey of Omaha…

Edgardo Vega’s novel transforms the LES into a place filled with Puerto Rican witches, transformation into various animals, and penile enlargments. Vega explores the world of the punk-rocker Omaha whose on a quest to fix his genetila problem and runs into a world of magic and wild emotions. Vega uses the novel to depict the world of the LES and how it contributes to American society by these characters. He also shows a class distinction between Maruquita and the other characters who cannot pronounce certain words and their speech isn’t as perfect compared to Omaha’s. Maruquita is an important part of the novel, noted for her shape shifting which is an essential key for old Welsh and Irish tales being depicted within a Latin American novel develops the story line as well as the genre of the novel. Most usages of shape shifting are found within these stories of the “otherworld” which parallels to the Loisaida jungle. Maruquita uses shape shifting to open the novel towards other boundaries. Shape shifting is essential and also shows the importance of that character. For Vega to implement this old irish/welsh tool shows his knowledge of this motif and also its importance.

The novel’s progression begins with descriptions of the lower east side and moves onto the journey of obtaining Omaha’s penis enlargment. Then it drives into the author’s constant interjection of his thoughts and interactions with the characters. Vega controls the novel and the direction of each character; he can make them do what he wants. By impelemting this tool it displays a common theme of Latin American literature where most authors would interject and give their thoughts or have conversations with their characters. This particular motif makes the novel a bit more interesting and ejoyable to read.

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