Blog 34: The Lamentable Journey of Omaha…

“Awilda Cortez was not a problem. All she wanted was a Gringorican baby, although that fact alone would add to the eventual troubles that Omaha would encounter. But how to manage Winnifred and Maruquita? Yes, the affection was still there, and her Latin ardor sated something primitive in him. But Winnifred was something else. Winnifred was the quintessence of the United States dream of aspiration, of accomplishment, of economic largesse and multiple dwellings” (Vega 166).

Torn between two women, Omaha sees something in each of them that captures his heart. Winnifred symbolizes the “american dream” where as Maruquita brings back the primitive nature that holds him to his roots. She excites him in ways the American woman wouldn’t understand. She shows him something different and closer to his heart. Winnifred on the otherhand shows Omaha the side of America thats needed and must be achieved in order to be successful. Omaha day dreams of their names in the paper presenting NYU with a new arts center which would develop his character into the ultimate rag to riches story. His connection with Winnifred displays growth and an urge for economic stablity.

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